Pastease Top 20 Casual Outfits

Pastease Top 20 Casual Outfits

You may think that nipple pasties are just for the bedroom; however, 
Pastease brand pasties are very versatile and can enhance any outfit. 
Regardless of time of year, color, or style, Pastease are a great addition 
to any woman's wardrobe. With that here are 20 casual outfits that are 
complimented with Pastease.

Plus X Liquid Gold Cross

Show your worth with the Plus X Liquid Gold Cross Nipple Pasties. Simple, not too flashy, and can be paired with several pieces of gold colored accessories like earrings, bracelets, or belt buckles to help emphasize your look.

Rainbow Kawaii Cloud

Somewhere over the rainbow you'll find these Rainbow Kawaii Cloud Nipple Pasties. Goes great with outfits that pull off a spring time vibe or any that have a nice POP of color.

Demi White, Black, and Yellow Wildflowers

With spring comes warm weather and blooming flowers. The Demi White, Black, and Yellow Wildflowers nipple pasties are perfect when outfitted with spring time clothing and light colors in general. With these Pastease you can truly blossom this spring

Glittering Gold Cheetah Star

A bold pattern, for a bold woman. In combination with accessories of a similar style, like shoes or glasses, is where the Glittering Gold Cheetah Star nipple pasties really shines. It helps that these Pastease also give you a fun hint of the wild side. 

Daisy Suede Flower

Stylish flowers with a comfortable feel for any occasion. Ready for any outfit rain or shine. Perfect for any laid back fit or a new night out style.

Shattered Glass Disco Ball White with Pink XO Heart

Who doesn't love when an outfit hugs your body just right? The Shattered Glass Disco Ball White with Pink XO Heart nipple pasties brings that feeling out of your whole wardrobe. It instead compliments accessories like a nice light pink pair of shoes or make-up that brings out a similar color.

Indica Pot Leaf: Green Weed

Whether it's 4/20 or you just need to chill out, the Indica Pot Leaf Green Weed nipple pasties look good at any smoke session. Goes with a simple graphic tee and other light clothing, or can bring out the gold from an outfit.

Wildflower: White and Yellow Flower

Unlike the Demi Wildflower, the single White and Yellow Flower nipple pasties brings out a lot more of a pop of white and yellow to an outfit. It compliments white and beige clothing beautifully, along with rose gold accessories. This style of Pastease makes you look prettier than any flower you can find.

Love Pink Heart with 'BITE ME'

Sometimes a woman needs to be straight forward and the Love Pink Heart with "Bite Me" nipple pasties does just that. These go with any outfit that gives off confidence and also looks really great when your wardrobe has a splash of gold in it.

Shattered Glass Disco Ball with White XO Heart

While the Pastease Pink XO print does a great job at showing off your accessories, the Shattered Glass Disco Ball with White XO Heart provides great contrast in a black and white outfit. Throw in matching pink lipstick and you will definitely look like you are ready to party

Holographic Snake Print Tie-Dye Cross

The Holographic Snake Print Tie-Dye Cross nipple pasties send a clear signal to everyone that you are the life the party. Best worn with a low cut top and flat colors as to help the tie dye stand out a more significantly.

Liquid Gold Star

Light up the sky with the Liquid Gold Star nipple pasties. Gold accessories and light colors are key to wearing this style effectively. They provide great contrast and make the outfit more coherent. You'll make everyone star-ry they weren't wearing the liquid gold star nipple pasties

Liquid Black Heart

Black out the sun with the beauty of the Liquid Black Heart nipple pasties. Rather than contrasting, lean into the the darker colors with a black top, dark colored pants, and some heels to really sell the look.

Glittering Silver Star

Not looking to party and just want to chill or hang out with friends? Well the Glittering Silver Star nipple pasties completes any comfy look. A fluffy jacket, casual leggings, and a nice pair of slippers goes lightyears in creating this cozy vibe. 

Eat Me Drink Me on Liquid White Heart

Go down the rabbit hole of wonderful looks with the Eat Me Drink Me on Liquid White Heart nipple pasties. Pair them with a nice sundress with light colors like a lily white or a denim blue. 

Matte Plus X Cross Nipple Pasties

Flat colors for any basic fit. Grab these plus x pasties and enhance any simple yet fashionable outfit.


Peek-a-Boob Silver Glitter Star Frame & Center

Put a spotlight on your body with the Peek-a-Boob Silver Glitter Star Frame & Center Nipple Pasties. These Pastease give you a choice to use it as a frame or a cover. Outfit wise, some simple grays would work great. Possibly including a star pattern would would help to complete this simple look.

Monarch Glitter Pastel Rainbow Butterfly

Feel the sun on your skin and the Pastease on your chest. The Monarch Glitter Pastel Rainbow butterfly nipple pasties goes perfectly with any outfit that has that summer vibe, like a loose top and shorts or even a nice pair of sandals. Spread your wings and fly in confidence when wearing these Pastease.

Love Glittering Patriotic USA Red, White & Blue, Stars & Stripes Heart

Pledge allegiance and show off your patriotisms with the Love Glittering Patriotic USA Red, White & Blue, Stars & Stripes Heart nipple pasties. Whether it's the 4th of July or a normal Tuesday there is never a wrong time to show off your love for your country. Throw in a simple U.S.A t-shirt or some red, white, and blue to make your outfit as American as apple pie.

Lotus Glitter Silver Ohm Lotus

Discover true tranquility with the Lotus Glitter Silver Ohm Lotus Nipple Pasties . What makes a lotus flower stand out in the the wild is the contrast between its bright colors and the environment around it. So, to use these Pastease to the full potential, surround it with some earthy tones like a dark brown sweater or tan heels. With these Pastease you'll be so relaxed you'll feel as light as a lily pad.