Hot Take: It’s Time to Burn Your Bra

Hot Take: It’s Time to Burn Your Bra

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This summer, we're starting a revolution where we throw out our underwire and celebrate ourselves the Pastease way.

We've been making handmade nipple covers since 2003, and we've always been about helping women feel good in their skin. As our brand continues to evolve, we want women of all ages and life stages to be proud to wear Pastease.

What started as a nipple cover brand to help topless women on the lake stay out of trouble has evolved into a purpose-driven business full of passion for celebrating the everyday experience.

Pastease is so much more than fun and function. It's an expression of womanhood to the fullest extent. Pastease is a way to connect with your inner self-confidence. It's a place where you can own your femininity. It's a community where your most authentic self can shine through playful, empowered, and honest self-expression.

As the heat of the summer approaches, we're going back to our roots and feeling inspired to embrace our natural beauty. We're saying no to uncomfortable push-up bras and the dreaded sweat stains of bra straps on our backs. 

So pick out a few pairs of your favorite Pastease nipple stickers and pull up a lawn chair to the hottest bonfire of the summer, where you'll find us burning our bras and roasting smores in their flames. 

We want to share this summer with you–tag us on social with #BurnYourBra.


Todd and Stephanie Prather, Founders of Pastease