Application Tips & Tricks

Application Tips & Tricks

Get The Best Fit With PASTEASE

Always Apply To Dry And Clean Skin

Pastease are made with a medical grade adhesive, as long as your skin is perfectly clean or free of oils and lotion they'll be sure to stay on as long as you please.

Tips For Sensetive Skin

A common question always asked when applying nipple pasties. Sensitive skin is a common occurrence and a simple way around it. Take tissue paper or soft fabric around the area of the nipple before applying it.

Avoid Crinkles

To avoid crinkling or squishing your pasties be sure not to remove them too many times. this will avoid compromising the integrity of the adhesive. Work slowly for the perfect placement and to avoid "crinkles".

Perfect Placement

The best way to make sure you're spot on when applying nipple pasties is to stand in front of a mirror and apply slowly. Make sure you're centered for the best results. Mirror not on hand? just turn your camera in "selfie mode" to achieve the same great results. 

Adjusting For Extra Lift

If you're trying to get that extra lift to pull off a sexy or stylish outfit the best way to get a good "something something" is to apply from the bottom up. When applying be sure to not pull very tight or else you might end up creating "crinkles" when applying. A quick and clean lift will do the trick!