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sexy-stephanie-pastease-in-sox-img-4280.jpgStephanie Pastease® is for all things Sexy and Fun. 
Join in liberating the sexy in herself and the Women of the World here and at her social haunts below. Stephanie wants to share all her best finds and fun ideas for everyday enjoyment of your human being!  

stephanie-pastease-in-pasties-with-shake-img-3134.jpgWhether it's a romantic picnic for two on the living room floor, wearing something sexy under your work wear or a risque romp in the park, Stephanie Pastease is always coming out with new titilating ideas to spice-up and change-up your daily routine!kiss-lips.jpg

Want some sexy fun ideas for a special occassion?  Have a question for Stephanie?  Just submit your questions, problems, ideas or whatever at the bottom of the page and she will get back to you with whatever she has to help!


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stephanie02.jpgHey Everyone!  It's Stephanie Pastease here.  Send me all your  questions for sexy fun ideas and I'll get back to you.  Need ideas for a special someone?  A sexy surprise for a night out?  Some tips on being a proper tease?  Whatever!  Just ask. 

Much Love,