Summer Freedom

2023 is sure to be your hottest summer yet. And if your bra can't stand the heat, burn it. Get in ladies, we're breaking out of boob jail. We're SO over underwire and aren't letting chafing slide.

This Summer,

we're starting a new revolution.

why burn it?


Don't cage yourself just to cover the nips.

No Pinch

What's the first thing you do after a long day? Take off your bra, of course!


Wired bras can potentially block the lymph flow.


Wear Pastease with your bralette or brami if you like light support without the UGH.

Wearing Pastease just for me always gives me a boost.

Desiree S.

Take back your power by owning your body instead of trying to hide what makes you special.

Hot Take: Itā€™s Time to Burn Your Bra

This summer, we're starting a revolution where we throw out our underwire and celebrate ourselves the Pastease way.

do it my way

free to customize

Make your own, celebrate the occasion or keep Bae close to your heart.

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2023 = love yourself summer