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On occasion we've heard from our customers that sometimes their Pastease® don't lay flat and pucker up in one area.  This often happens on fuller, rounder breasts.  I never personally had this issue until I had a breast augmentation!  

 Basically flat objects don't always form to round objects, duh!!  Using this helpful trick will give you smooth clean lines if you are experiencing the puckering Pastease problem.   If you aren't experiencing that problem, then I'm seriously so happy for you!  

Puckering Pastease - Problem Solved!

I hope this helpful hint is a titbit helpful.  :-)  Comment if you are in need of Pastease helpful hints or video ideas. 

You can buy this super cute Peace Sign too. 

Love beams,

Stephanie Pastease 

Pastease Talks With Examiner

Hi All!  Stephanie Pastease here. It's been a while now since I've sat down to give our blogy blog blog some love and attention.  I don't have any good excuses either, though it is tempting to come up with some sort of Sexy Fun extravagant reasons why I haven't given any blog love for a few [...]

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Football Fashion

Didn't see your favorite team last week?  This week we're highlighting more football looks.  Vikings, Packers, and Falcons fans, rejoice!!! Minnesota Vikings by stephanie-pastease Green Bay Packers by stephanie-pastease Atlanta Falcons by stephanie-pasteaseGo get your Football Rockstar Pastease here!  See more of our styles on Polyvore and Pinterest!Have suggestions of teams we should show case next week?  Let us know!

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Fall. Football. Fun Maker.

Do you love football as much as we do?  Sunday's seem to have been made for football season.  A little chill in the air, huddled up on the couch, rooting for your team until your voice is hoarse.And then of course celebrating after the your team wins.  If you're looking to call a few plays [...]

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Spice Up Your Costume

Playing dress up. It's why most women still love Halloween. It's the chance to pretend you're someone or something else. What could be more fun?Pastease can help you spice up your favorite costumes or add the little touch you were missing.Dream of being the perfect Ariel? Perched on a rock with [...]

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Pastease Season Doesn't End With Summer!

Sure, you're first impression of Pastease may be girls in bikinis, rave costumes, or festival wear, but Pastease season doesn't stop when the weather cools off. The crisp fall air is perfect for concealing with Pastease.This fall, your Pastease brand pasties might not be the focus of your #ootd, but they're definitely a great [...]

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Fighting Boob Censorship with Fake Nipples

Artist Micol Hebron, tired of the hypersexualization of female nipples on social media, put up an Instagram post back in June 2014 suggesting women use a picture of a more 'acceptable male nipple' to cover their nipples and avoid the ongoing censorship and harassment being perpetrated by platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  Of course this [...]

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Sixty-Six New Styles Launched at Lingerie and Online RetailersCARSON CITY, NV – June 3, 2015 – The creators of Pastease today announced that they have created a new line of unique and fun nipple covers called Tease - Soulful Seduction. The new collection features more than 66 styles that are all handcrafted in the USA. [...]

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